Fields Status

The City of Powell maintains several sports fields year-round through out the community. In order to make sure the fields are safe and in playable conditions, our Parks staff conducts weekly field inspections from September – April. As our region is prone to significant weather related events (rain, wind, snow, freezing conditions) we may choose to close some fields to prevent further damage from occurring.

Fields are closed.  As per your user agreements you are not permitted to use frosty or frozen fields. It’s not safe and will destroy the grass until spring. 

Note: When we have torrential rains, frost and snow it is the user groups responsibility to reschedule even if the field is marked as open.  Also, please replace net hold downs if you move them.  Also a friendly reminder to coaches, it’s up to you to whiten the lines.  Thank you to all who continue to do so.

Please check this field status update report before using our fields.

As of December 6th 2019 – All fields are closed.


Sunset Park Upper CLOSED
Sunset Park Lower CLOSED
Timberlane Field CLOSED
Gouthro 1 (lower off Manson) CLOSED
Gouthro 2 (North Bowness) CLOSED
Gouthro 3 (South Bowness) CLOSED

(last updated: November 29, 2019)