Dwight Hall

With a capacity of up to 400 guests, Powell River’s Dwight Hall is the crowning gem of the Townsite. An invaluable venue that is host to weddings, private parties, company functions, concerts, craft fairs and annual Christmas celebrations.

Walnut St
Powell River, BC – map
V8A 5R2


The main ballroom is lavish and spacious. And taking your breath away are the heritage details and high vaulting glass windows putting most large traditional ballrooms to architectural shame.
The interior, features the 1927 Tudor Revival of beautiful arched ceilings, recessed wood panel walls and a new 5,000 square foot hardwood sprung dance floor, a sublime mix of vintage and heritage that echoes in every footstep within it’s rooms.

The architect of Dwight Hall, John McIntyre, was thinking not only of the past, but the future when he envisioned the design of the hall. The timeless aesthetics of Tudor designs married with the future requirements of a modern entertainment centre. Complete with a stage and dressing rooms as well as adjoining supper room and a full kitchen, Dwight Hall has served as an entertainment venue for residents and guests alike for nearly nine decades and continues to do so in the present day.

To book Dwight Hall for your next event, please contact our Facility Booking Clerk at 604-485-8909