Admissions, Monthly, & Annual Memberships

The City of Powell River offers a wide variety of recreation passes that suits every age group, interest, schedule, and budget.  All of our recreation passes provide access to the hundreds of drop in programs that are offered at the Recreation Complex each year as well as the many different public sessions that are offered in swimming and skating. Which pass best suits your Active needs?

Single Visit:

These passes are valid for a single visit to the Powell River Recreation Complex. Get access to the weight room, aquatics, and ice skating sessions all in one visit.

10 & 30 Ticket Passes

Great for those people that plan to use the facility on a more regular basis. These passes have no expiry dates and work well for those individuals that require flexibility in their daily schedule. A recreation pass card will be issued upon purchase and scanned upon each use. These passes are renewable at any time and provide access to all drop-in programs and public sessions.

1, 3, 6 or 12 month Passes

These monthly passes are designed to provide individuals greater discounts based on frequency of use.  The longer the pass, the greater the discount received. Ideal for individuals that use the Recreation Complex on a regular basis. Purchasing one of these passes also includes the option of suspending* the pass during the term of the pass. If you plan to go out of town on holidays, business trips, or up to the cabin on the lake, let us know so you don’t lose any value. * Number of suspensions and length allowed varies with each pass. Ask staff for more information. (Prices effective as of May 23, 2023)


0-3 yrs
4-12 yrs
13-18 yrs
19-59 yrs
60-84 yrs
& STUDENT 19-25 yrs
85+ yrs
2 adults & 4 dependents
# of Suspensions allowed
Single Visit $0.00 $3.70 $5.00 $7.10 $5.90 $5.00 $14.55 n/a
10-Visit 0.00 32.80 44.75 62.95 53.20 44.75 130.90 n/a
30-Visit 0.00 91.15 124.25 174.65 147.80 124.25 363.85 n/a
1 Month 0.00 40.10 54.65 76.80 65.05 54.65 160.05 n/a
3 Month 0.00 98.00 129.15 181.40 153.70 129.15 378.20 1-max 1 week each
6 Month 0.00 167.60 228.50 321.00 272.00 228.50 669.05 2-max 2 week each
12 Month 0.00 316.90 432.10 606.95 514.40 432.10 1265.30 3-max 2 week each
  • Monthly payment plans available for 12 month passes.