Invasive Species

Knotweed Removal Program

There are two available options for 2019 to remove Knotweed from your property if you are located within the City of Powell River:  Contractor assisted or Self Removal.

Contractor Assisted:

The City of Powell River, Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture has a program available to assist City of Powell River property owners in the removal of Knotweed from their property in 2019. Knotweed is an invasive plant that has a rapid growth. Once established, it will displace virtually all other vegetation. Knotweed has been known to grow through cracked or poured concrete as well as asphalt.

If you have confirmed that you have Knotweed on your property, the City will provide an annual grant of up to $150.00 for the homeowner to have a qualified contractor remove the knotweed. Please see the attached form. The City will not provide the $150.00 funding for those property owners completing the work themselves. If help is needed to identify the plant, please contact the Parks Division Office at 604-485-8635 and a staff member can assist you.

he following local companies have expressed interest in being contacted for Knotweed removal. This is in no way a complete list or an endorsement. It remains the choice of the homeowner as to who they permit to work on their property.

  • Powell River Landscape and Lawncare  604-578-1964
  • GCS Yard Maintenance  604-485-6628

Self Removal:

Cut the plant off between 2 and 4 inches above the ground.

Slide a long, strong wire down the hollow stem and pierce several stem segments. The wires are available for free at the reception desk located at the Powell River Recreation Complex.

Use Round-up (available at local garden supply centers) and spray your fresh cut and in the hollow stem with Round-up. Be sure to follow all instructions and precautions on the container label.

Break up the tops and bag them.  Call the Parks Division Office for free pickup at 604-485-8635.

Do not dispose of in regular organics or compost!

The knotweed will regrow within a couple of months. Once regrowth hits about ¾” in diameter, follow the same procedure as above. Continue until regrowth stops.

If you are not comfortable with this method, please hire a local landscape contractor to assist you.

An attempt to dig out Knotweed will loosen up the soil and that allows it to regrow stronger and become more established. It will regrow from any missed piece of root. In the end, it will require more herbicide to eliminate it.

How to Qualify for City Funding

To qualify for $150.00 funding from the City of Powell River for removal of Knotweed from your property the following must be followed:

  1. The Knotweed Removal Program form completed and submitted to the Powell River Recreation Complex – Reception Area or sent to
  2. Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture staff will confirm the approval of funding request by sending a copy of this approved form back to the homeowner.
  3. Homeowner will be required to submit the receipt showing amount paid to landscape contractor along with this approved Knotweed Removal Form back to the city via email or in person to the Recreation Complex or to City Hall.
  4. A Maximum grant of $150.00 will then be paid to the homeowner. Homeowners may apply annually for an additional grant of $150.00.

Please download the Knotweed Removal application form, complete and return it to:

Powell River Recreation Complex
5001 Joyce Ave
Powell River
V8A 5R2