Fields Status

The City of Powell maintains several sports fields year-round through out the community. In order to make sure the fields are safe and in playable conditions, our Parks staff conducts weekly field inspections from September – April. As our region is prone to significant weather related events (rain, wind, snow, freezing conditions) we may choose to close some fields to prevent further damage from occurring.

Did you know? Organized groups, gatherings, and events in our parks, trails or fields are required to obtain a Permit through our booking application process.  This process can identify potential conflicts when users are trying to organize activities in the same place for the same time.

Let us help you find the right space for your event!  To book one of our many facilities, please contact our Booking Clerk directly at 604 485-8909 or via email at


February 8

All fields remain available for your pre use inspections.

As always, it’s up to the individual teams on game day to reschedule when we have torrential rains, saturated field conditions, frost or snow covered fields.

After some dry weather the fields are in much better shape this week. Please remember to move the nets off the goal lines as stated below. The goal mouths are getting pretty beat up.


Cranberry OPEN
Timberlane Field OPEN
Gouthro 1 (lower off Manson) OPEN
Gouthro 2 (North Bowness) OPEN
Gouthro 3 (South Bowness) OPEN
Sunset Upper OPEN
Sunset Middle OPEN

Notes: Please replace net hold downs if you move them and please move the nets back from the goal line when you’re finished for the day. This allows us to mow without turning on a sensitive area.

Thank you for your assistance.

Parks Supervisor
City of Powell River