Resilient Streets (Block Parties)

What are Resilient Streets?

The Resilient Streets program is part of the Building Resilient Neighbourhoods project, a collaborative effort to help create more resilient communities in British Columbia. One way that we can begin to make our communities stronger and more resilient is by making efforts to meet, nurture, and strengthen the connections and relationships between our neighbours on the street where we live, or between neighbours in our apartment, townhouse, or condo.  In a resilient street or building, people who live close to each other may, for example, have more social events to get to know one another better, start sharing tools, be more available to help each other with errands, or during emergencies, or work on different issues or projects together .


Connect with your neighbours year-round with the Resilient Streets Micro Grants!

In partnership with the City of Powell River, there are two types of grants available:  $50 Pre-planning Gathering grants or $200 Resilient Street Project grants.  Below are just a few examples of how you can put these grants to use.

  • Gatherings and Celebrations (block parties, preparedness parties, party with a purpose, etc).
  • Placemaking (bulletin boards, community art, book box – mini libraries etc)
  • The Sharing Economy (tool shed, community garden, yard sharing, group buying, etc.)

What type of gathering or project do you think would be a good fit for your street?  Check out our Local Resource Page, the Resilient Streets toolkit or our Block Party Tool Kit for more information and ideas!

Where can I host a Resilient Streets Event?

  • On your street
    • If you are planning to hold a block party or neighbourhood project on your street, ensure everyone is informed and supports a street closure (if needed).  Fill out a Parade Permit Application and provide all relevant information for your street closure.
  • On private property, backyard, or community common area.
  • In a park
    • It is not necessary to book a park for small block parties or neighbourhood projects. If you are having a larger gathering and would like to ensure you have the space, please call us to book 604-485-8909.
  • Please note:  for Block Parties we provide liability insurance provided by SBC insurance, providing Maximum Commercial General Liability Limit of $2,000,000.


How do I Apply?

A Resilient Streets Grant Application must be submitted a minimum of 15 business days prior to the day of the event and include the following:  A description of activities planned, details of the purchases the grant will go towards, estimated number of participants, and details for road closure (please note: intersections & bus routes will not be closed).

Download our Application forms here:   Pre-Planning Gathering application       Resilient Streets Project application

You can send in your completed forms via email to or in person at the Recreation Complex.

For more information on the Resilient Streets Program please contact:

Shawna Rahier

Community Recreation Program Coordinator

Tel: 604-485-8902


Resilient Streets is a program of the Building Resilient Neighbourhoods initiative, delivered in partnership with the City of Powell River and a diverse range of  local partner organizations. This is made possible through funding support from PlanH.